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DM Stith
Heavy Ghost
Asthmatic Kitty

David Stith records under the name DM Stith, and his debut album is a rich, intriguing record. The angelic vocals clash with complex instrumentation and troubled moods.

"Pity Dance" interestingly weaves a pattern of intricately woven instrumentation to support the song. The ghostly atmosphere relay justifies the album title. "I've been sleeping with the lights on since I left you" he intones. "Creekmouth" is somewhat less sad, but no less haunted by an odd rhythm. Stith recalls a less introspective David Sylvian encountering Antony in an abandoned opera house overgrown with weeds.

"Thanksgiving Moon" is one of those quieter, but still gripping moment that Stith can do so well. His vocal is hesitant and utterly gorgeous. "Morning Glory Cloud" is a hopeful song with a memorable melody that puts the emphasis on the singer's great vocals. David Stith is clearly a new talent to be cherished.

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