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Ruby Throat
The Ventriloquist
Sleep Like Wolves/Ryko

Katie Jane Garside has a long career as a singer of subversive bands like Daisy Chainsaw and Queenadreena behind her. She's joined Chris Wittingham for a change of pace with the spooky folk of Ruby Throat.

The Mazzy Star-like dreaminess of "Swan and the Minotaur" sees Garside emoting softer then ever, none of the shrieks she used with her other bands are here. Instead she purrs, "I'm in love with a troubled man" to a relaxed hush of guitar. "Naked Ruby" sees her whisper singing along with a melancholy tune about something sad and probably terrible. The mood is superbly evoked. Ruby Throat appears to have found each other quickly and this new music suits them as if they'd been playing it all their lives. The title song is a country styled song with a suggestive atmosphere and the usual focus on Garside's lovely voice.

A change of pace occurs with the sixteen minute "John 3-16" the song is allowed to take them places the rest of the album wont. It's unlike anything Garside has done before, proving she has many surprises in store for the future as well. Garside whispers and shrieks like a banshee whilst the backing remains mostly quite and menacing. After that we get two relatively conventional numbers. Ruby Throat has made a remarkable album.

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