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coverpic flag Italy - Full Moon 158 - 08/06/09

The Moon Whispers
Sweet Bitter Enemy + Pearl of Blood
The Moon Whispers

Elisa DiNapoli makes up The Moon Whispers and this is one of two simultaneously released albums. She has a neat line in darkwave music here.

Opener "The Cure" has ominous words and a neat flute part whilst DiNapoli sings in a half-whisper. An eponymous song gives us a soft hush of a melody with poetic lyrics. DiNapoli is a seductive presence and the tune is cool. "Mediocrity's Malaise" laments just that to another flute-lead tune, while Di Napoli is in fine voice. Being against mediocrity is hardly a novel idea, but this look at the lives of the every person is pretty sharp. The album's pace remains nice and slow throughout, while one might want a little more variation at times, this is more than just a good album.

The Moon Whispers
Pearl of Blood
The Moon Whispers

The second album by Elisa DiNapoli is just as quite as Sweet Bitter Enemy but the palette seems richer on this one.

"All Along the Shadows" has a richly textured melancholy and a peerless vocal. "Do it again Sam" has a folksy undertone and a dreamy vocal delivery that suits it well. "Tristan and Isolde" finds DiNapoli singing as wonderfully as ever.

"Goodbye Angel" touchingly laments the death of a friend to a meandering tune. DiNapoli's vocal is absolutely heartbreaking; you can't help but being moved by it. Both albums have much to recommend them, but this one is the stronger of the two to me.

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