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coverpic flag Scotland - Full Moon 158 - 08/06/09

Dean Owens
Whisky Hearts
Navigator Records

Dean Owens has a pleasant voice ands his songs have a familiar, lived-in hue. It's the sign of a natural performer.

"Just Another Sunday" is both sad and comforting, like the best songs can be. Owens' warm voice fills it with character. "Years Ago" sounds cheerful but has a cynical edge and lyrics about how things never really change. Its melody is upbeat and has an E Street Band tinge to it, proving the strengths of Owens' band Whisky Hearts.

"Man from Leith" touchingly paints a picture of a son looking at his father's life. It has a pleasingly folksy tune and a neat vocal. "Hallelujah" is more up tempo, Owens proving he can rock out with a song about a lively night on the town. He's a real talent and should appeal to many listeners.

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