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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 158 - 08/06/09

Sping Tides
Monotreme Records

Jeniferever hail from my hometown, but I haven't heard them before. My mistake since their dreamy music reaches new high on this album.

"Green Meadow Island" is a persuasively melodic neo-shoegaze opener, replete with harmonious noise. "St Gallen" is soft and starts with a simple piano part. Kristofer Jönson's vocals delicately scale the heights of the elegant composition. "Nangijala" (heaven of sorts in an Astrid Lindgren book) captures the bittersweet feeling of the brothers Lejonhjärta (Lionheart) ascending to heaven after many adventures. The song becomes an epic swiftly. "Ring Out The Grief" shows more of the bands strengths as it ever so tunefully unwinds into a Slowdive-swoon. There's nothing retro about this, it's all very now and very compelling.

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