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Lori Lieberman
Gun Metal Sky

Lori Lierberman has been around long enough for one of her poems to inspire the song "Killing me Softly" which she sings on this likeable album. Most of the songs are her own, save for some neat covers.

"Early Wednesday Morning" is reflective and bluesy, with Lieberman singing rather sweetly. "New York Mining Disaster 1941" by the BeeGees gets covered rather nicely. Lieberman gives it a sensitive reading that she puts her heart into. The quietly strummed guitar is a perfect backing. "The Opposite of Love" is one of her own songs and it has some nice Spanish guitar adding to the sound. Her vocals skirt delicately around the edges of heartbreak.

When we reach "Killing me Softly" Lieberman puts her own stamp on it. Not surprisingly her version is closer to Roberta Flack's rather then the Fugees'. It's still heartfelt and she has the voice for it.

It's a very quiet and unassuming record this, but it's heartfelt and deserves to be heard.

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