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coverpic flag US - California - Full Moon 159 - 09/04/09

Sound of the Blue Heart
Wind of Change
Hollows Hill

Johnny Indovina once fronted darkwave band Human Drama, and is now at the helm of Sound of the Blue heart for a second outing. He's still as persuasively deep and dark.

Opener "The Spell" bemoans the end of an affair to a sad tune. Indovina's voice is set to a downbeat backdrop and it works just fine. "Run for Cover" is also pretty downbeat but holds a pretty melody and a gorgeous vocal. "Violet's Wish" is no change of pace but has a nicely upbeat guitar part with a country feel to make it stand out. Indovina's vocals have a Leonard Cohen-ish feel here which is always nice. The closing cover of Bob Dylan's "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" is suitably faithful but has its own flavor. Not for nothing did Human Drama make a cover album called Pinups.

He may have stolen the title and some songs from Bowie but he had his own voice even then. This album id a late night companion to cherish.

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