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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 160 - 10/04/09

Kat Flint
Dirty Birds
Albino Records

Kat Flint's debut album was funded by her fans, after a label deal fell through and a good thing it is that they did. The opening "Go Faster Stripes" sees Flint at her folksy best, singing of newfound hope. It's a catchy and easy to like song. "Anticlimax" has a delicate folk feel, and a warm vocal by Flint. "Christopher, You're a Soldier Now" is a strong anti-war song with a powerful lyric and a stirring melody. Flint adds a martial rhythm that's both effective and spooky. "Fearsome Crowd" is a suitably low rent depiction of life in the big city. Despite the purity in Flint's voice she tells her tale well. She has a way with songs on this striking album.

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