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coverpic flag US - California - Full Moon 160 - 10/04/09

New Mondo
Total Control
Transport Recordings

DJ MFR and Vincent Kwok work together as New Mondo and have a club-based sound on this record. They have guest singers on board and produce a slick, yet urban sound.

"I want cha" with Lisa Shaw of Naked Music is dead catchy and has a killer chorus. "Total Control" features a regular guest singer named Morrisson and is bouncy and fun. It's still aimed at the dancefloor but it could easily be a pop hit. "Alright" features jazz singer Indra Jones and is quite easy on the ears in a languid way. Her vocals are silky smooth and really seal the deal. "909" features Morrisson and is sprightly and cool. It's a neta album this.

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