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Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions
Through The Devil Softly
Nettwerk Records / Playground

I first came to know Sandoval's music with Mazzy Star's So Tonight That I Might See back in 1993 (yes, I'm getting old), and followed them to Among My Swan in 1996. Since then I haven't been up to date with Sandoval's endeavours. But listening to Through The Devil Softly tells me that she has stuck to her favorite tools and formula. Which in short can be something like: intimate vocals, no heavy drums, no distorted guitars and songs that might take the best of a week to get into. But the award is - as usual - when you get into the songs, on the right day, you'll find comfort there.

Listening to "Wild Roses" as the leaves fall from the trees outside my window, going on to "Trouble" to soothe my hangover and doze of to "Fall Aside" is rewarding. I wouldn't recommend this record to the unprepared, people with ADHD or amphetamine freaks, but if you fancy a bottle of red while looking at the trees, here's a companion that might do you good.

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