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Delbert McClinton
Acquired Taste
New West Records / Playground

I haven't really listened to McClinton since his record from 1990, I'm With You. Not that our friendship got bad or anything, he just slipped my mind. But I seem to have picked up on that friendship just at the right time. I've been through his latest record a few times now and it absolutely grows on me every time.

Being the skeptic that I am, I expected a blend of - frankly - boring R&B and white soul through and through. But I got a solid selection of the best of white soul and funky R&B. "Starting A Rumor" and "Until Then" are probably already regarded as classics in certain circles, "Can't Nobody Say I Didn't Try" and "Wouldn't You Think" stands out as good as any country/jazz standard.

There's a baldness, a tenderness and timing in these performances that takes a man or a woman of McClinton's experience to be championed. I'm amazed at how the variations in both writing and genres that blends this fabulous collection of 14 solid songs into one solid LP. Country, tango, jazz, blues or Cajun - the pick is yours, the performance is McClinton's.

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