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No Age
Losing Feeling EP
Sub Pop / Tuba!

The kids are still alright. Dean Spunt (drums/vocals) and Randy Randall (guitar) made some great pop noise racket with their 2008 album Nouns. Here are some more lo-fi feelings from the two-some.

This EP presents a quartet of songs with a more grown feel than Nouns had. The tempo and punch aren't as tip-toe as many of the songs on album. "Losing Feeling", the title track, is a swirling song, reminding me of, say, a mixture of English band Swervedriver and Dinosaur Jr (ca 1990). "Genie" is more of an 'atonal', almost off-pitch piece. Not as good as the title track, it's a bit more on the slack, experimental side. The experimental No Age continues with an instrumental, "Aim at the Airport". Music for airports? Final track, "You're a Target" is back on the steamy quick track, with the signature blurred and dazed wave of sound.

Yes, they are still some young fresh fellows. Even though this EP isn't quite what I expected.

Losing Feeling EP is out on vinyl and as digital files, but there are no CD available. Hehe, CD's are so out-dated.

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