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The Yeah Conditioner
Hidden Shoal Recordings

"The Yeah Conditioner" is 'indie math-rock marvels' Mukaizake's first single (being an appetizer) from their hot and fresh album, Unknown Knowns (the album saw its US CD and worldwide digital release on November 17th - the CD will be released in Australia on December 11th), a long-awaited (6 years!) follow-up to their acclaimed debut album Mapping the Static (2003), which brought them support jobs for artists such as Mercury Rev, Death Cab For Cutie, Will Oldham, David Pajo, to name some of them. Hmm, sounds interesting.

The Perth, Western Australia, quartet are singer/guitarist Geoff Symons (Umpire, ex-Adam Said Galore, O!), guitarist/vocals Dan Erickson (Bluetile Lounge), bassist Simon Struthers (Umpire, Adam Said Galore), and drummer (plus 'out of tune "ah's"') Michael Lake (Umpire, ex-Adam Said Galore). As the all the parenthesis state: these men are experienced. I'm not familiar with the other bands (even Mukaizake are new to me), but they're said to be legendary Perth bands. I'm not sure about the 'math' part, but "The Yeah Conditioner" is indeed a good-old indie-rock song. A neat rhythm, sublime bass-lines and nice guitars, topped with some fresh and melodic vocals. By 'spinning' the mp3 many rounds I realise this is an addictive song, with its swirling magic, leaving me eager to check out more. Looking forward to hear the album. "The Yeah Conditioner" is of very good condition.

"The Yeah Conditioner" is available for free download from Hidden Shoal up until the Australian CD release of Unknown Knowns. Check out!

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