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Green Girl
Fennel & Mustard Records

This is Calaveras' third album, and it's a solid roots record, with winning performances throughout.

The opening title song sees Greg Beattie singing of the eponymous girl with passionate intent. Maybe she's the female version of the green man of myth and legend. "In the Pace of my Love" sees Victoria Blythe take on lead vocals with sweetness and grace. It was written for a child, and shows a caring parent's love well. "Firefly Nights" is a reflective song where Blythe gets to show off her sweet voice again, and it's well played as she remembers a perfect summer night.

"Bad Dog" ends the album on a humorous note, being about just that. The bluesy strains of the song really make it good. Beattie sounds just right and the band play well. This is a terrific album.

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