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Phoenix and the Turtle
Swallow Up The Moon EP
Fluttery Records

The EP Swallow Up the Moon is the Californian experimental post-rock quartet Phoenix and the Turtle's third album, and their first on Fluttery Records.

As on their previous work, Swallow Up the Moon is a delightful fusion of instrumental rock, classical string and dreamy vocals. But with slightly more depth than they used to. Especially on the third track "Stuart Drives a Comfortable Car". A delicate piece about lost love, that draws on the heartaching images of oh so many folk-tunes, but still manages to be sober in the longing regrets.

And it is this ability to show controlled grand emotions that is Swallow Up the Moon's advantage, and downside. Since, leaning into so dreamlike soundscapes the imagery Phoenix and the Turtle seems to want to evoke, might get lost in its own illusions, and turn into the plain and simple boredom. Which unfortunately is the case with the second track, "541". But besides that little misstep. Phoenix and the Turtle is able to create haunting melodies in a welcoming, romantic post-rock dreamland.

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