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Shattered Atom
The Knife, The Thief
Shattered Atom

Shattered Atom's debut album comes with sky-scraping melodies and choruses to die for. Jeremy Wilford possesses an impressive voice, which he knows how to use.

"Under the Stars" charges like a previously unheard U2-anthem. They come close to greatness here. "Hollywood" is an exciting yet dark tale of dreams of stardom set to a tune that's capable of stirring any heart. It sparkles like the place it's named after, and is frighteningly bright. "Then You'll Know" is darkly appealing and has a Killers-like mood to it. Wilfords's lead vocal is beguilingly urgent. "Last Dance" has a similar sense of drama, Shattered Atom playing to their strengths. Wilfords's vocal is suitably theatrical and the melody fluid and sinuous. It shows the band is here to stay. It's a striking debut that should see them win many fans.

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