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Stray Ghost
Nothing, But Death
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Nothing, But Death is Stray Ghost's (a.k.a. Anthony Saggers) second album, following the acclaimed debut, Losthilde, two years ago. Deathlike silence? Or, something close to silence, in a near death experience.

The music of Stray Ghost is dark and looming ambient dronery. Nothing, But Death holds 8 tracks, or parts, simply entitled "Part 1" through "Part 8". "Part 4" was in fact launched as a single, and a foretaste in prior to the album release. All the parts on Nothing, But Death are long-stretched, electro-acoustic exercises in slow-motion. Low, slow, and minimalist. Foggy, cloudy, and melodic. Stray Ghost glides transparently, yet outlined through smoke-filled landscapes. The essence, or the present mood seems to be loneliness. And, longing away from the state of being lonely.

Nothing, But Death is a fascinating journey through darkness, but with light at the end of the tunnel. Keep in mind that the tunnel is a long, long crawl.

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