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coverpic flag Burkina Faso - Full Moon 168 - 05/28/10

Victor Démé
Naive Records / Playground

Victor Démé is a Burkina Fasoian singer/songwriter of Mandingo origin. He debuted after a lifetime of local shows with a self-titled album at the age 46, in 2008. The album became a deserved success both in his home land, as well as internationally. Deli is his second album.

The voice of Victor Démé has the warmth, strength and sensibility of a traditional Griot singer. And set in a soundscape of folk-blues, Latino, flamenco and Mandingo romance his voice is just brilliant.

With the short, but nice, pure desert-blues interlude of "Mais Ou Sont Les Dollars" and "Ma Gafoora", are all the songs on Deli shaped in that delightful Mandingo fusion. It might be that it is Victor Démé's long time as a night club-singer, that makes the slightly sensual dance vibes hot enough to demand moving. Moving of the mind as well as the body, in slow smiling motions. Because, as so much of the West-African music, there is a thoughtful edge to the romantic, joyous tones.

Still, Deli is most of all a celebrating album, from the calm, enchantingly warm opener "Hinè Ye Deli Lacute; La", through the emotional strings on "Bainaba" and "Sina", to the playful danceable Latino on "Ma Belle", and the folkloristic, jazzy closure "Tan Ni Keleen". A celebration of life and romance, done with such lovely handcraft and soul that it's almost heartbreakingly beautiful.

So, Victor Démé is not just the probably best artist from Burkina Faso today. He has with Deli undoubtedly delivered one of the best album you'll listen to this year, regardless.

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