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Anna von Hausswolff
Singing From The Grave
Kning Disk / Playground

23 year old Anna von Hausswolff (daughter of acknowledged composer, sound/visual artist and curator Carl Michael von Hausswolff) was an architecture student in Gothenburg, Sweden. Two years ago (autumn of 2008) she started composing her little personal songs, vocals and piano - all alone at home, and has now become one of Sweden's most talented and talked-about shooting stars, aiming for an international breakthrough.

Last summer she spent creating, recording what was to become her debut EP, Track of Time (released earlier this year, by Kning Disk), and here's her album debut. Hailed to be a masterpiece, to become a Swedish classic, almost before its release. The music of Singing From The Grave is filled with passion and drama. Anna von Hausswolff for sure has got an incredible voice and plays piano in a sober and magic way. This is real-time dramas from life. Honest, heartfelt, sometimes heavenly. This is not drama-queen stuff, more like stuff that (some) dreams are made of. In a world filled with so-called 'reality' thrown at us from many a television channel, this is the purest 'real'. Singing From The Grave holds 9 songs and von Hausswolff has been compared to the likes of strong ladies like PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, and even the more diabolic Diamanda Galás (imagine her paired with Kate Bush). You could also throw in Lisa Germano, Chan Marshall, Liz Phair, Kristin Hersh, and Joan Wasser. I also come to think of another Swedish singer from quite some years back, Ingela Klemetz of the band Ingy. Key tracks: "Track of Time", "Old Beauty - Du kan nu dö" (Now you can die), "Move On", the title track, and "Lost At Sea". Some of the songs are a bit weaker (more anonymous), but the overall impression is that Singing From The Grave is a stunning debut.

Singing From The Grave is music for break-ups, break-downs, build-ups. All kinds of bigger or smaller ups and downs. Definitive goodbyes, new hellos. Life and its magic. Death and the maiden.

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