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Kranky / Tuba!

As Dusted Magazine said: "this album is total record-collector rock". Meaning, you'll probably find references to bands, albums and songs all throughout Lux, references that will make you nod happily (if not, according to Dusted: " really need to get yourself a better record collection"). Chicago combo Disappears play fuzzed, distorted and reverbed garage-rock of the minimal kind. Krautrock, arty punk rock and New Zealand's 1980's rock scene (The Clean et al) all mixed together, according to their cool label Kranky. Sounds like a neat dish, at least on paper.

And, Lux is as good as the menu implies. It's indeed refreshing, even though it's sort of a retro-diving mishmash of the positive kind. The quartet counts Brian Case (formerly of the Ponys and 90 Day Men), Boas members Graeme Gibson and Jonathan van Herik, and Damon Carruesco. They were (the last band) signed to the defunct label Touch & Go, but then moved to the eclectic Kranky (usually a home for more low-toned acts) when T&G went under. Lux is a dark musical travel, yet it sort of illuminates its path in some way. It's a mixed blend of light and shadows, with certain pop hooks within the melodic riffs and circling rhythms. Disappears are really cool sounding. Think a mixture of Can, The Clean, Wire, Sonic Youth, and St.Johnny. The 10 songs (in less than 30 minutes) included on Lux are a fine collection of controlled energy and tender melodies.

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