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Heaven is Where
Stories From Yesterday
Heaven is Where

Heaven is Where is fronted by Matt Lande and they have a poppy sound with some crunchy tunes on this album. The sound is hardly original, but the band play well together and focus on playing good tunes.

"The Grave That We Lay" is near anthemic and builds gradually and slowly to an exciting hush. Lande's vocals are well delivered throughout. "It Was You" is a sensitive ballad, bringing out the band's softer side to good effect. Lande's vocals rush to the fore well. "This Devil Needs An Angel" is big on wind-swept drama and they carry it off well. They have something of Muses's widescreen approach here. "I Was Hoping" is harsher and shows off the band's dexterity well. It's one of the album's best songs. It's a strong and assured record all told.

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