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Phantom Payn Days
Phantom Payn Days
Destijl Records

Phantom Payn Days is Jürgen Gleue, half of the duo 39 Clocks, who put out compilation Zoned last year, a collection of their recordings from the 1980s. This self-titled album is a quiet solo outburst. 16 short songs of sparsely instrumented synth minimalism.

Phantom Payn Days is things done simple, everything kept to a minimum. Think New Zealand's Tall Dwarves blended with Young Marble Giants and a far-out Lou Reed. Many of the songs sound like mere sketches/demos, and should have had more of a styling makeover. On the other hand the nakedness suits the expression and the nature of the melodies. This is art music, like small sound instalments in an art audible gallery. Phantom Payn Days is songs from under Gleue's skin.

Minialism can't be much more minimal than this.

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