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Salli Lunn
Heresy and Rite
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Salli Lunn is a spectral noise-rock quartet from Denmark. The band were formed in Fredrikshavn as far back as 2001, and consists of Lasse Skjold Bertelssen (vocals and guitars), Line Grønbech (drums and percussion), Christian Blæhr (guitars and keyboards), and Jan Nissen (bass). Heresy and Rite is their debut album.

Salli Lunn provides on Heresy and Rite a guitar-driven, shadowy and dreamy soundscape. The album is utterly atmospheric, from the haunting rhythms of the opener "The Frame of Reference", through the chill sonic insistence on "The Inventions Of Steel" and "Belongings". Showing Salli Lunn from a slightly lighter and pop-like side, until the almost droning noise of the massive closure "The First Cause".

The dark, emotive noise-rock on Heresy and Rite is both overwhelming and enchantingly melodic. It is slow, and bewildering, border lining dullness, when they almost get lost on their instrumental journeys. This dualism is, on the other hand, what makes Salli Lunn an interesting acquaintance.

So, Salli Lunn has with Heresy and Rite delivered a pretty decent noisy dream rock album.

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