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The Irrepressibles
Mirror Mirror
V2 Records

Irrepressibles are hardly like other bands. They create and deliver drama with Jamie McDermott's Bryan Ferry on speed delivery.

"My Friend Jo" opens the debut at full throttle with strings slashing away and McDermott delivering a vocal that shows he's no wallflower. "In Your Eyes" sees his vocals take on an Antony-like trembling allure and the backing remains grand and yet somehow restrained here. "Forget the Past" sees the band play to their strengths, a tender elegy that suits them fine. The vocal is as ever supercharged with emotion and gets its message across.

"Nuclear Skies" is another song that's great on an album full of them. McDermott delivers with his usual aplomb as the tale unfolds. The cinematic style comes to a head here. This won't be an album for everyone, but many will adore it.

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