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Monotreme Records

Nedry is an electronica trio fronted by the dulcet-voiced Ayu Okakita. Their album strays close to what Björk was up to recently, though perhaps with a harder edge.

Opener "A 42" sees the singer's voice start among the edges of a machine heavy lullaby. It's both metallic and oddly human at once. "Apples and Pears" is softer and sees the singer's voice supported by a celestial tune. The title song has a distinct, thumping beat, and Okakita sounding even more Björkian than usual. It's arresting and cool.

Closer "Where the Dead Birds go" sees them finish in style, the singer at her hypnotic best ably supported by her band mates. It's an intriguing debut and one that bodes well for the band's future.

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