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coverpic flag US - California - Full Moon 171 - 08/24/10

A Light Awake Inside

Vinsantos has a unique style on this cd that more then once makes me take notice of him. It's sort of Gothic but with a strong rock undercurrent.

Opener "Counterfeit" sees him whisper softly to a disturbing backing. "Vertiga Before Pride" has a quasi-tranquil backing replete with tension and a sensually delivered vocal. "Silver and Stone" has Vinsantos delving into dark waters though in a theatrical fashion that nonetheless drips with menace. The guitar strumming adds to the tension of the tune. Alternative goddess Jarboe adds guest vocals to the album so that should tell you something.

Syd Barrett's "Golden Hair" makes an appearance towards the end of the album. It gets rendered in a sensitive and appealing fashion. Vinsantos really has something going on with this album.

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