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Adrian H and The Wounds
Adrian H and The Wounds
Least We Forget Records

You know you're in for dark fare, when the first track is about a murder and the melody meanders softly and has a hiss of a vocal. Adrian H and his Wounds is a band that probably owns a few Nick Cave and Johnny Cash records and it shows. They put their influences to good use and they meld their own sound from it.

The aforementioned "Murder in the Forest" should be a good song for a David Lynch film. "Straight Leg with a crocked Stick" lives up to its amusing title by being an intriguing Tom Waits-ish tale of a strange man. "I owe my smile to you" is a fairly straightforward love song for a band like this. It has a soft piano-led backing that makes it stand out even more. "The Old Church" is hardly tranquil, but describes dark goings on in a church. They ham it up knowingly so it makes for a cool song.

If you like this kind of music, you'll love this. I know I did.

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