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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 176 - 01/19/11

Hey! Selim
Albino Recordings

Revere is a large band fronted by Stephen Ellis, and this is their ambitious debut. Their sound is proudly epic and Ellis' vocals are truly stunning.

"As The Radars Sleep" sees them recalling an even more ambitious Bellowhead crossed with Radiohead. "They Always Knock Twice" sees them striking into unfamiliar territory, complete with a dramatic lyric that lends itself to many interpretations. The strings work beautifully here. "I Can't (Forgive Myself)" is a melodrama of high quality, Ellis' heartrending voice at its most powerful. There's a hint of stately East European musical tradition in the instrumentation.

"I Bet You Want Blood" is a suitably strong song that the band work their way around with wit and style. The tone of this album is way over the top, but there are moments of levity that prevent it from being too hyper. It's an impressive debut.

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