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coverpic flag US - California - Full Moon 178 - 03/19/11

Dum Dum Girls
He Gets Me High
Sub Pop/Tuba!

The Los Angels based noise-pop band Dum Dum Girls follow up their smashing debut album from last year; Let It Be Me, with the four track EP: He Gets Me High. An EP that proves them to be more than a one-album-wonder.

He Gets Me High opens with the fuzzy slacker-dream "Wrong Feels Right", before the jubilant and lush title track, a post-60ies pop-tune that suites every sunny evening. Then there is the slow, pleading, yet seductive "Take Care of My Baby". The closure is a nice, playful cover of the Smiths' classic "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out". Still, Dum Dum Girls may not be one of the most original bands out there, regarding the last years bloom of the Californian slacker-scene, front-woman and songwriter Dee Dee, and the rest of the Dum Dum Girls; Jules, Bambi and Sandy surely does one of the better acts.

And He Get's Me High is a quite fun and buzzing sophisticated approach to the boredom of a life that simply is too easy lived.

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