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coverpic flag US - Tennessee - Full Moon 178 - 03/19/11

S.J. Tucker
S.J. Sooj Tucker

S.J. Tucker writes canny songs with myth-referencing lyrics and she does it well.

"Cheshire Kitten (we're all mad here)" nods playfully to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and has a smart tune. Tucker's vocals are delightfully well delivered. "Love Lies" is almost funky and has poetic lyrics worthy of a talented artist like Tucker. "Girl With The Lion's Tail (Lucia)" is a sensitive and thrilling song that recalls early Tori Amos but with plenty of individuality to spare. "Salad of Doom" is an inspired piece of whimsy that Tucker executes with witchy intensity. Its Eastern European tones are tastefully done in a theatrical fashion. It's a delightful album.

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