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Fading Parade
Sub Pop / Tuba!

Fading Parade is the fourth album from the California-based dream-pop band Papercuts. It is their first on Sub Pop Records.

Fading Parade opens with "Do You Really Wanna Know", an ambitious up-tempo, happy-sad tune that quite promising tells that getting Papercuts leading man, Jason Robert Quever out of his home-studio was a very good thing. That is not to say that Papercuts previous recordings where no-good, since they actually were just fine. But the broader sounsdcape of Fading Parade surely becomes the resonant and lush dream pop well.

Fading Parade is one of those albums that grows on you. From the opener, through the cloudy "I'll See You Later, I Guess", the slacker-like "Chills", the pretty sweet shogaezed "Wait Till I'm Dead" to the airy melancholy of the closure "Charades", it reveals a new subtle layer of tender bitter-sweetness with every listening. Papercuts has with Fading Parade delivered a nice, and gentle atmospheric pop album that, thanks to a Quiver's sophisticated touch, makes it a pretty good soundtrack for a sunny spring-afternoon.

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