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Thurston Moore
Matador Records

"Benediction" is the first taster from Sonic Youth avant-noise gründer Thurston Moore's forthcoming album, Demolished Thoughts. This is Moore's third solo record since Psychic Hearts (1995). Of course, he's been busy with Sonic Youth over the years, as well as numerous collaborations, soundtrack work, and more. So, 3 albums in 16 years isn't quite the full truth.

"Benediction" (well, the entire Demolished Thoughts) is produced by Beck, and shows Thurston Moore from a calm and quiet side, with Moore's voice and guitar, accompanied by a delicate violin (played by Samara Lubelski). It's a 5 minute+ song being quite laidback, a folksy track somewhere between Nick Drake (with less tristesse, mind you) and a Velvet Underground ballad. It's an elegant and gracious piece of work. A benediction, which in Latin means: bene = well + dicere = to speak) is, according to, ...a short invocation for divine help, blessing and guidance, usually at the end of worship service". The result here sounds quite blissful and love-tingled.

Watch out for the album, due May 24th on Matador. Moore and Beck for sure is a cool pair, and hopefully their collaboration is a fruit filled one, also revealing surprises. Moore (born 1958) and Beck (born 1970) have been in the business for years and years, and they're able to cull tricks and pull aces out of their sleeves.

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