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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 180 - 05/17/11

Josef and Erika
Hoob Records

Josef Kallerdahl and Erika Angell have been making records for ten years now. Their latest album is their third effort of great music in the genre-breaking mold.

Angell's vocals are gorgeous on the strong opener "Blow Life in my Soul". Kallerdahl's subtle bass playing adds a powerful undertow. "Silence" uses the instrumentation of french horn, flugelhorn and tuba to create a unique sound for Angell to emote against. Her mellifluous vocals are sharp and precise in an almost Björk-like fashion. "My Own" sees the duo create a slow-moving reverie with superlative playing and a subtle melancholy. "Unpack Your Heart" sees Kallerdahl take on some vocals and he adds an effective presence to the gorgeous song. It's one of the album's many highlights. This album is magical through and through.

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