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John Foxx and the Maths
MetaMatic Records

John Foxx should need no introduction, being a founding member of Ultravox and a long-standing solo artist. His collaboration with composer Benge is of course an electronic record.

"Shatterproof" features distorted vocals and hissing synths to an ecstatic degree. It's a Blade Runner nighmare of a dark future. "Watching a Building on Fire" features Ladytron's Mira Aroyo to great effect. It's a divertingly chilling and romantic song where Aroyo's voice makes for a warm influence though it's still coolly distant. Foxx's long experience in electronic music serves him well throughout. "The Running Man" harks back to the early eighties golden era of synth while still being quite modern. Foxx's vocals are haughtily intoned and sound just right.

"Destination" sees the duo focus on a chilling sounding yet dreamy soundscape that benefits from repeated listens. 'Our destination is unknown' warns Foxx. It's rare for a veteran to sound this invigorated and current. Foxx and the Maths deserves a large audience on this form.

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