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coverpic flag US - California - Full Moon 181 - 06/15/11

John Shipe
Involushun Records

John Shipe has a lyric style that's both acidic and sharp, but tempered by some strong melodies. The astonishing title track to this album ponders why some girls love the villain, and has a catchy tune to drive its point home. Here he recalls the young, caustic Elvis Costello and that's a rare feat. "Hard To Believe" is a duet with the gifted Halie Loren that sounds vaguely country-ish in a sweet way. The sharp words contrast with the blue mood of the tune. The singers are perfectly in synch with each other.

"Little Boats" sees Shipe singing of a weird couple going to the zoo. The strange subject seems to suit the quirky and cute tune. "No Use Crying Over A Spilt Life" is a sharp yet sensitive portrait of ennui. Shipe's vocals are utterly expressive and the melody's wonderful. This is one villain to root for. He may even be a hero in disguise.

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