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Television Personalities
Revolver, Oslo, 17.06.2011

This was one of those bizarre nights. When I got to Revolver I read the note at the door (see pic) telling that "Two members of the band missed the flight from London to Norway, but despite the absence of Dan (lost passport) and TexasBob Juarez (turned back at departure gate by Ryan Air staff), the rest of the band wanted to play a show with special guests". So, Dan Treacy; the founding and only constant member of TVP, singer, songwriter -- not present at a TVP gig.... Sounds like a joke, right?

Well, the rhythm section clung to the old saying "the show must go on". With the assistance by David (on bass) and Henrik (guitar) from the Swedish support band the Alcoves, they had a quick practice during sound check. TVP bass player and keyboardist (for the last 5 years) Mike Stone played guitar and sang lead vocals. Drummer Arnau Obiols (who's been with TVP for the last couple of years) was the only guy in the right place (and he did an excellent job). So, bizarre, com on.

Despite some minor errors - mind you this gig was the bands second rehearsal! - the show went remarkably well. The night turned out quite entertaining. Still, it was a rather strange show, but when presented to the songs of Treacy, what strikes you is what a brilliant song-writer he is. "Silly Girl" opened the show, and the classics came bouncing off the stage: "A Picture Of Dorian Gray", "Salvador Dali's Garden Party" (with new lyrics added: 'Dan Treacy was there, that's why he's not here...'), "14th Floor", "This Angry Silence" (one of the best songs this night), "Look Back In Anger", "Prettiest Girl In The World", "All My Dreams Are Dead", "I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives" (of course), "King & Country", "My Very First Nervous Breakdown", "Someone To Share My Life With". They even played "Silly Girl" twice, due to audience request - latecomers, in fact it was a girl (Mike made a dedication, calling her 'silly, for coming late'). In fact, most songs were requests (as they probably would have been with Treacy present). They didn't entirely play golden oldies; "All The Young Children On Crack" (off My Dark places) was on the set-list. But another oldie ended the show: "Part-Time Punks" was the encore, even though Mike hesitated playing it, because he didn't have the lyrics all lined up (this was a gig with a lot of notes around the stage, you know). Anyway, a persistent lad in the crowd got his will. And the crowd was pleased.

So, it was a peculiar night, but also quite humorous and highly entertaining. But, didn't the kids just love it? Well, I didn't regret stepping inside -- even though the venue charged full price! Anyway, the band did well, and we all had a good time. Support your local club. And, support your local DIY act.

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