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coverpic flag US - California - Full Moon 182 - 07/15/11

Memory's Mystic Band
Imaginary Clouds
Green Fuse/ Vollwert Records

Leigh Gregory's band return with a more up-tempo record than the last time, and thankfully it's ace. The melodic approach remains intact, as does Gregory's evocative songwriting.

"Far and away" is a delightful pop song that feels like a familiar yet strange moment. It reminds me of the Church and their gorgeously melodic pop. "In Circles" is an up-tempo number with a lovely melody that the band plays well. "Absinthe" is a fine song, MMB playing a slow, sinuous ode to the drink of myth. The closing cover of Edgar Broughton Band's "Hotel Room" serves to wet the appetite for the upcoming full-length album.

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