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Family Of The Year
Through The Trees
Washashore Records / Despotz Records

California sextet Family Of The Year (FOTY) were signed to Swedish label Despotz Records for the Nordic countries. Pleasant and airy songs, nice harmonies, golden horns, and an all over feel-good atmosphere.

Tagged as 'a less druggy Fleetwood Mac' (or, maybe a less bearded Fleet Foxes...?), Family Of The Year has a folk-rock approach to song-writing, attitude and performance. Through The Trees is actually a 5 song EP, of which "Chugjug" has been launched as a single. The folksy opener "Hero" sounds like a statement of not being one -- a hero, an American one. I'm a bit reluctant at first, but when the horns glide in towards the end I'm happy enough. "Chugjug" is a heart-warming pop-charmer. "The Princess and the Pea" is also quite ok, but "Stairs" is this EP's runner-up for best track. Even though FOTY have got a most charming attitude, and are sounding comfortable and perfectly loose-fit, I'm hoping for even better songs for an upcoming long player.

To quote the band when signing for the Swedish label: "Scandinavia is a mysterious place to us - so far away and distinctly beautiful. We're so stoked to dye our hair blonde, hop on a plane, and sing for all of you!" Well, there's an old saying going: 'blondes have more fun', right?

Through The Trees will be out in Scandinavia/the Nordic countries August 16th.

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