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Esza Kaye
Tinged With Machine
Esza Kaye

Esza Kaye's new EP is intriguingly played electronica with some superlative vocals. The opening title song recalls prime Garbage though is perhaps more industrial in its ruminations on being human in an age of machines.

"Deeper Shade of Shallow" pokes fun at those who think they know what it means to be deep. It has a lovely melody that undermines its theme well. Kaye's siren vocal is teasingly perfect. "Katy come out to play" is a neat love song with S/M-tinged imagery. It has a nice club ready groove with added sauciness. "Lick My Boots" is a fitting and fun closer as Kaye sings some provocative words with a fittingly careless attitude.

It's Siouxsie gone to a club. It's a wonderful EP in all.

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