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Perfume Genius
All Waters
Matador / Playground

Perfume Genius is singer/songwriter Mike Hadreas from Seattle, US. "All Waters" is the first single taken from his upcoming sophomore album, Put You Back N 2 It.

"All Waters" is a lush and delicate, experimental pop ballad, which during its playtime of only 2:10 manage to touch almost every brutal aspect of romance. It is soaked in a swirling lo-fi synth shaped soundscape, that becomes both Hadreas' pure voice and the ambivalence of the intimate lyrics. The story told is as hopeless as it is jubilant, and as sober as it is plain beauty.

Perfume Genius debut Learning (2010) was a remarkable album. "All Waters" gives promise of Put You Back N 2 It to be even more beautiful.

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