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She Makes War
Little Battles
My Big Sister

Laura Kidd a.k.a. She Makes War is on her second album, and this might make her way better known than she is.

"Minefields" is a slow burning song with an inspired vocal that recalls Liz Phair in the nineties. She has great voice and uses it to the full here. "Butterflies" is a softer song that shows Kidd in a sensitive moment. Her voice swoops and drives in inspired fashion as she sings 'Butterflies leave me with your lovely lies'.

"In This Boat" is a recent single and it's distinctive and quirky in an appealing fashion. "Out Of My Hands" is a strongly arranged song with some cool vocals. Kidd appears to have had fun while recording it and it shows. It's a powerful album and it deserves a lot of attention.

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