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Burning Motherfuckers
Burning Motherfuckers EP
Handmade Records/Musikkoperatørene

Burning Motherfuckers is a two-headed, loud noise-monster starring Thomas Eggum (bass, vocals) and Øystein Monsen (drums, synth, drum machine, vocals), claiming to be a drum'n'bass outfit. And, claiming to sound like: '...dry grass being ripped apart, drenched with cowmilk, then explode in a huge white ball of flame...'.

The twosome list a long line of influences: Talking Heads, Battles, Blood Brothers, Can, Radiohead, Motorpsycho, people, faces, sounds, Within without, with layers between, Tom Waits, Deerhoof, Willy Nelson and Modest Mouse. Right. Quite a bag. This self-titled EP, holding 4 songs plus two remixes (by Laconic Zero and Zixaq), will be released on August 17th, and it is kick-started with the feeding "End of the Line". This is a true SST rocker. High octane, an energetic blast, a powerful screwball. It's followed by the semi-epic "Retired", showing both rage and grace. Both this, as well as the next, "Society", shows proof of both the repetitive and the catchy. The pulsating bass-riffs and the hunting drums is simply amazing!

The massive, 8 minute "Voice in my Head" ends the quartet of songs (before the "End of the Line" and "Voice in my Head" remixes appear). This song underlines why they've listed Talking Heads among their influences, and as the song goes on it unveils some of the other influences as well. But, mind you, they never lose dignity. This is done very stylish, and they're sounding like, in the end, nothing but... Burning Motherfuckers. The two remixes sound ...a bit too extreme, so I'll stick to the originals.

Since they've listed the Blood Brothers among their influences, I'm tempted to shout: Burn, Burning Motherfuckers, burn! As a compliment, yes. This is hot stuff.

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