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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 196 - 08/31/12

Gazelle Twin
The Entire City
Anti-Ghost Moon Ray Records

Elizabeth Walling records as Gazelle Twin on this astonishing record. The soundscapes sound shaped by her present and inhabited by restless ghosts of the past.

"Concrete Mother" is a hymn-like dirge with a superlative mood that she handles well. Here she recalls Julianna Barwick. "Changelings" is a persuasive track, with Walling trilling bird-like over a calm backdrop. It's unbelievably lovely. "When I was Otherwise" is a Björk-like track with a slow, dreamy mood and Walling at her most expressive.

"View from a Mountain" is another fine track, Walling working her magic across a doomy backdrop. She's made an album that's very worthy of attention.

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