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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 196 - 08/31/12

Jeremias Session Band
En kväll i Trastland
Jeremias Records/Naxos

Jeremias Session Band have had previous success with songs based on poems by Jeremias i Tröslösa. Karin Wistrand, formerly of Lolita Pop and Staffan Ernestam lead the group on this superlative effort.

"Höstkväll" (Autumn Night) is a suitably calm effort with a beautiful melody. "Sveriges hjärta" (The Heart of Sweden) sees Wistrand at her best. The lyrics are for once not by Jeremias, but a tribute to the poet. It's a lovely, nostalgic song. "Skuggorna" (Shadows) is a strident arrangement hiding a sensitive song. It's slightly country-tinged and Wistrand is at her most expressive. "När alla fåglar tiga" (When all the birds are quiet) closes the album on a great note, the band playing a song with a celebratory mood.

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