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coverpic flag Germany - Full Moon 202 - 02/25/13

Gudrun Gut
Monika Enterprise

Gudrun Gut has a long history behind her as a postpunk pioneer and member of various bands including Malaria and Miasma. Her solo career has now taken her to this intriguing electrified effort.

"Garten" is an appealingly minimalistic song with a murmured vocal that's nonetheless very sinister-sounding. Tina Turner's "Simply the best" gets an intriguing makeover, though it's not as wild as it could have been. Gut's purring vocal is a delight anyway. "Tiger" is another good song, Gut competing with nature noises. She's created an intriguing soundscape here.

"Little nothing" is a spacious drone with a heart of gold, Gut slowly intoning her words. It's a perfect record by the inimitable Gudrun Gut.

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