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There Were Cracks

Pontus Andersson and Jonatan Sjögren make up Sidechild. This is the second album of what started as a solo project, but is now a duo.

"Raining in the Park" is a soft, soulful song that shows off Andersson's vocals in a good way. It reminds me of Christian Walz. "Seen it all" features Bebban Stenberg from Shout out Louds on guest vocals and it's a nicely accomplished song. Andersson's vocals are great here. "Still Time" reflects a dark time in the singer's life but it's not a depressing song. It sounds just right and has a real depth to it.

"Leave me when you're done" is a wonderfully soulful and carefully done song. Andersson's vocal is gorgeous and the slow-burning mood really suits the song. It's an absolutely wonderful album from start to finish.

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