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Blue Ceiling (feat. Chloë March)
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Jumpel is ambient pop at its most pleasing and soothing, and at its best. Jumpel a.k.a. Jo Dürbeck is entitled nothing less than a 'German minimal ambient-electronica maestro'. And, yes, he's a master in his field.

"Blue Ceiling" is a single promoting his upcoming album (his 4th) Bloc4 (due to be released in June). Well, I really enjoyed his debut album Samuel Jason Lies On The Beach and his second album, Deuxieme Bureau as well. Jumpel's music is highly therapeutic, and really a pleasure for ears and mind. This single the sensual and luminous voice of British composer, pianist and songwriter Chloë March, which gives the song a perfect atmosphere. "Blue Ceiling" elevates your soul and body to a higher place. This is the velvet overground's slow train to dawn.

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