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Rough Trade / Playground

'LA based experimental, spheric art rock/dream pop quartet Warpaint was formed on Valetine's day 2004 (hey, it's been 10 years ago!) by childhood friends Theresa Wayman (guitar, vocals) and Emily Kokal (vocals, guitar), along with sisters Jenny Lee Lindberg (bass, backing vocals) and Hollywood celebrity Shannyn Sossamon (drums). Sossamon left the band after their debut EP, Exquisite Corpse (2007), to be replaced by Stella Mozgawa, and Warpaint have just released their second album, the self-titled Warpaint, some three years after their debut LP, The Fool. The Slits and Throwing Muses meet Mazzy Star and Beach House.' (LK, ed.)

Warpaint's follow-up to their acclaimed debut arrives sounding just fine. The dreamy "Keep I healthy" is a softly undulating tune with gauzy vocals and subtle rhythms to underpin it. "Biggy" drifts by, sounding atmospheric and yet nicely understated. Warpaint are a tight combo, playing to each other's strengths. "Disco/very" is an up-tempo track that's almost dancefloor ready, all lazy vocals and staccato beat. It's alluring and hot. "Drive" closes the album on a good note, Warpaint playing a teasingly slow groove that unfurls nicely. It's a show of their collective heart. It's a fine album.

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