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Eno · Hyde
Daddy's Car
Warp Records

Eno · Hyde's single "Daddy's Car" is lifted as the second single (following "The Satellites") from their album Someday World (which is out now). Brian Eno needs no further intro. Karl Hyde started back in the 1980s in British electronic/electropoppy act Underworld, which raised to the stars back in the mid-90's with massive albums like Dubnobasswithmyheadman (Junior Boy's Own 1994), Second Toughest in the Infants (JBO 1996), and Beaucoup Fish (JBO 1999). So, what will this collaboration bring? Electronic pop music with hints of ambience, most likely.

Eno and Hyde's project rolls out as a musical project with eyes locked in the rear view mirror musically. This sounds like a 80s/90s experimental mixbag, with dancefloor and chill-lounge ambitions. "Daddy's Car" is a somwhat bratty pop piece. Slick and cocky, with a certain beat (said to be mixing "Steve Reich and cyclical Afrobeat...", according to Warp). Polyphonic and polyrhythmic at the same time. SPIN mag called "The Satellites" "...moonlit ambience and motorik propulsion that conjure up a night drive on some interstellar Autobahn.", while NPR said it to be "...a majestic pop tune with a good sense of mystery". Eno and Hyde are a couple of mystery men in the field of pop experimentalism, but I'm not quite sure where to place the musical result of their collaboration. I guess I prefer the krautrock-drive of the darker "The Satellites" over riding with this "Daddy's Car", but I'm not too sure if I'm all that pleased in the company of gents Eno and Hyde. Maybe I'm just not in the club mode.

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