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Chuck E Weiss
Red Bean And Weiss

Chuck E Weiss was immortalized in Rickie Lee Jones' "Chuck E's in Love". He's had his own, very distinguished career for a long while too. This new album is procured by Weiss' friends Johnny Depp and Tom Waits. It retains a raw, authentic bluesy sound that can only come from someone like Weiss who has seen a lot of life.

"Shushie" is a soft song with a jazzy sound that shows off Weiss' beat poet leanings. "Bomb the Tracks" is a song with a strong beat, Weiss rockin' out in a kinda laid-back fashion. His voice is in fine form. "Hey Pendejo" is a Latin-flavored song with a vibe that recalls Weiss illustrious producer Tom Waits. "The Hink a Dink" is dense and muttered; Weiss gift for writing a lyric hits a new high. He's s true original and that makes for a great album.

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